Patricia Rust PhD

For Hire:



Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel, Comedy, Tech, GPS for the Soul, and more.
Five years / brought on my Arianna Huffington. Photos included.
Interviews with top people such as George Clooney and Francis Ford Coppola.
Events covered include top insider Hollywood events. Humor and wisdom prompted letters, controversy, and the first and only fiction series to appear on the Huffington Post called Dear Mom in five parts.

LATimes.com.-- Upcoming coverage of hot artists such as recording artist, Kiesza. polo.com. For Ralph Lauren -- travel
Los Angeles Times Reading Room -- Sunday Edition with special Monday through Friday stories.


Honolulu advertiser.com.


Polo.com (RalphLauren.com/RLMAG)

PowerforKids.com - PowerforKids.com Creator, Literacy website for children, 1999-present, incorporates published children’s stories by Rust and interactive games

JackietheAngel - Creator, Weekly stories for children, 1998-present

​Writing of websites for corporate clients (list upon request)​​


“Moon Maiden" Hot off the Press!

“Legs” High Intensity Concept-Romantic Comedy, In Pre-production as an Indie Comedy
“Majestic Pony” Work for Hire
"Four Your Love" Original Romantic Comedy, optioned by Warner Bros.
"Barracuda" Original Sketch Comedy Feature
"Secret Island of Tortuga" Original Award Winning Feature Family Comedy
“I Really Can Cook” Original Comedy
“Love Bites” Original Comedy Feature
"TV or Not TV” NBC Comedy Special, Kevin Bright Producer
“Hotshot" Creator, Half-hour Comedy Pilot
"Power for Kids" Creator, Children's Live-Action Pilot, KITV/ABC
“Golden Laurel Awards” Writer, Producers Guild of America Awards Show
“Golden Laurel Awards” Co-Writer, Producers Guild of America Awards Show
“Pensacola” Episodic Writer, CBS Syndicated Drama Series
“Rusty” Creator, Bible for Disney Kids Television Series,

Development deal with Disney
“Doowee Dolphin” Creator, Original Bible - Television Animation
“On Cue” Sole Writer/Producer, Magazine Series for local PBS affiliate In Los Angeles
“13 East” Head Staff Writer, NBC Situation Comedy
“Garry Shandling Show” Writer, “Garry Had a Little Lamb” episode
“Shooter” Co-Creator, Original Bible for Animated Series intended for CBS Kids, written with Waylon Jennings 
“On Location” Writer, Syndicated Magazine Show, Group W NBC
“On Location” Writer/Producer, Magazine Show, KHNL Hawaii Internet
“Financial Inquiry” Group W Broadcasting, Los Angeles
“The Wave” PBS Hawaii in Partnership
“Campus Close-Up” PBS 
“Morning Business Report” Financial News Network and CNBC
“On Cue” PBS - Weekly Lifestyle Program - Writer/Producer/Host 


"IVORY“, "SAFEWAY”, "MINOLTA", "BUDWEISER" - Partial list 



Jackie the Angel 

The King of Skittledeedoo Author, Illustrated Children’s Book 
Polo.com Writer, travel articles
Royal Readers Kids’ Page Creator/Writer, Monthly newspaper syndicated activity page, 2001-2015
Los Angeles Times Contributing Writer, Kids’ Reading Room, 1999-2015
Producers’ Guild Magazine Founder, Contributing Editor, Producer and Travel Profiles
Solimar Writer
Spa Magazine Writer, Spa Reviews
Beverly Hills, The Magazine Writer
Brentwood Bla Bla Comedy Columnist
Brentwood News Comedy Columnist, “Brentwood Breeze”
Angel Times Magazine Writer, “Jackie the Angel” short stories


Creative Writing, Poetry Writing, Screenwriting – Specialized Workshops
(Kindly request brochure) Motivational Speaking – Scripting Your Life
Corporate Clients such as Nestle International – Thinking Outside the Box
Barnes and Noble – Screenwriting 101
University of Riverside in conjunction with KVCR Television – Television Production
Retreats – Bringing Out Your Inner Child


University of California, Los Angeles Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude
American Film Institute Comedy Writing Program



Finalist: International Family Film Festival Screenplay Winner, 2008 “The Secret Island of Tortuga”
Winner: Official Selection, Kids First! Film and Video Festival, 2008 “The Secret Island of Tortuga”
Winner: Parents’ Guide Award for Children’s Literature, The King of Skittledeedoo
Winner: Best Animation Screenplay, Santa Clarita Family Film Festival
Winner: Best Network Comedy Writer, NBC, in-house competition, selected by Story Department
Winner: American Film Institute Sketch Comedy Writing Competition
Nominee: UCLA Bruin Alumnus of the Year
Winner: The Irwin Award for Humanitarian Deeds


Chairman and Founder, Power for Kids, 1999-present
Daily Bruin Alumni Association, President, 1998-present
Producers Guild of America (Former Member, Board of Directors) PGA
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences ATAS
Writers Guild of America WGA
ASIFA (Animation Guild)
Caucus of Producers, Writer, and Directors
Beverly Hills Women's Club


Steve Binder - sbinder@laughingdogent.com, sbinder@laughingdog.com  (805) 984-1225
Archie Purvis -  Former ABC President, ACPlax@gmail.com  (213) 873-1733 

Vin di Bona, Vin Di Bona Productions -  (310) 442-5600
Dorothea Petrie - DGPetrie@aol.com -  (310) 394-2608